Sharron and Joe Gillings Victoria BC

We were one of the lucky ones upon finding a buried oil tank for 2 reasons: 1. There was no oil or leaks associated with the tank. 2. We connected with Pacific Group Developments.

The work was done efficiently, the job was looked at the day i first called them and the work was done in less than 2 weeks.After completion, the yard and fence etc. looked like it had never been touched except a small patch with no grass. Upon completion they brought the completed paper work to our house, not mailed or told stop by the office to pick them up. They had us look the papers over and be sure we understood and were satisfied with the info supplied to us.

The property was part of an estate sale and a real estate transaction  depended on the removal of the oil tank with the accompanying permits and proper certification. We highly recommend this company for oil tank removal and due to the quality of their work i am sure they are as competent at all their jobs. We will certainly use them again, but hopefully no more hidden oil tanks.

thank you very much...