Rock and Concrete Breaking and Removal Victoria BC

We offer a variety of ways to remove rock including breaking the rock, jack hammering the rock with air jack hammers or an excavator mounted hydraulic hammer, drilling the rock, using expansion composites to break the rock and blasting the rock with caps and water. We can remove rock without blasting with dynamite. Our rock removal services are specialized for hard to access areas including basements as well as beside or under foundations in Victoria BC. Many times we are called in to excavate rock from basements or drainage and utility passages.

We also offer rock scaling and removal as well as supporting and anchoring rocks deemed to be hazardous.

We also offer concrete breaking and removal. It is common for us to remove concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, foundations, basement floors, footings, and other structures. We provide concrete cutting and coring with diamond saws and bits and are able to remove portions of concrete if needed. We have all of the equipment required to remove concrete with or without steel reinforcement. Both tight and concealed quarters and open full access areas are no problem.

Our concrete removal services are commonly used during demolition or in preparation for concrete replacement. We have experience removing rock and concrete in both concealed areas and difficult access situations.


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