Curtain Drain Installation in Victoria, BC


Do you ever wonder how much of an impact a Curtain Drain can make to your yard? 

The picture shows approximately 6 gallons every minute being removed from this homeowner’s back yard via the Curtain Drains.  Today it is not even raining and look how much water is coming through the curtain drain.  This drainage system is approximately 200’ long and 3’ deep. The excavated trench had 3/4" drain rock installed around a 4" perforated pipe with geo textile placed on top of the drain rock before back filling to prevent the drain rock from filling with mud. This yard was not usable for 8 months each year.  The flooding yard killed plants and drowned fruit trees.  You just couldn’t walk in the back yard until now.

To make matters worse, this extra ground water load on the perimeter drains for the house caused the house to flood during a heavy rainfall. 

We have installed many Curtain Drains like this, yet we still find it surprising how much water runs through the ground and how fast it moves through the ground.



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