Another Concrete Driveway in Victoria.


Pacific Group Developments Inc. provided concrete forming and concrete finishing for a new concrete driveway in Victoria, BC.  We were asked to remove the old concrete driveway and install a new concrete driveway.  Sounds easy enough, but after breaking and removing the old concrete driveway we were asked to do some other things before pouring and finishing the new concrete driveway.  These things include:

-new water meter box instalation

-conduit for new water line

-conduit for irrigation line

-concrete forming around a hydro pull box

-install a new fiberglass riser on telephone and cable pull box

-replace part of the perimeter drain

-install sewer clean out 

-widen the driveway

-remove some poor fill, replace with gravel and compact

and then we were able to proceed with the concrete placing and finishing just days before Christmas!



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