The New Duncan Hospital and Buried Oil Tanks


Upon ground breaking for the new Duncan Hospital owned by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), a huge buried oil tank (UST) was discovered.

The construction started with a huge surprise - a 22,000 liter buried oil tank!  Not only homeowners are saddled with this risk of sleeping time bombs. Governments are also struggling with undocumented buried oil tanks and are required to deal with them in the same ways.


Excavation for the new Duncan Hospital started with excitement from the government, contractors and the public but the discovery of an underground oil tank slammed on the brakes as quickly as a heart condition.  This buried oil tank had been used many years earlier and because it was out of sight, it really was out of both mind and memory. Nonetheless, construction had to stop. Pacific Group Developments Inc. was called to deal with the unexpected buried oil tank. We had to empty and clean out the oil tank before it could be safely lifted out and transported to a facility for safe disposal.

The tank contents had to be taken to a provincially regulated facility with trucking manifests filed prior to leaving the site of the new Duncan Hospital.


After the oil tanks contents were safely removed, soil testing was performed to confirm that no leaking had occurred, and a full report outlining the procedures and findings was prepared and filed. This documentation process has all been completed and corresponds with the permits at City Hall.


Buried oil tanks have really become a forefront consideration when it comes to development and real estate transactions.  Fortunately, this one ended well and was quickly addressed.




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