Soil Testing Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo BC

Pacific Group Developments provides all the services you need related to oil storage, which includes dealing with the potential environmental consequences of an oil leak. Home heating oil is hazardous, and soil and groundwater contamination can occur if the oil leaks into the ground. Oil can also migrate, leading to soil and groundwater contamination including off-site to neighbouring properties. Many of our clients are concerned about liability issues with leaking oil tanks, as insurance companies often have exclusions in their policy that leave the property owner solely responsible for environmental contamination. Soil contamination can also negatively affect property values, often dramatically. As a result, many real estate transactions and land developments will raise the issue and require surety to proceed.

Pacific Group Developments provides that surety through soil testing, analysis and reporting to confirm whether your soil is safe or if it requires remediation. Heating oil will eventually break down naturally over time and in certain conditions the natural processes are all that is required to satisfactorily clean up the soil. We can also accelerate the natural process by on-site treatment including customized treatment methodologies to clean the contaminated site.

In many cases, however, removal of contaminated soil and replacement with clean soil is the best remediation option. Pacific Group Developments’ technicians can conduct environmental soil and water analysis to determine the best plan for your property. We provide soil testing, analysis and environmental reporting services to provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy, develop or sell your property.

Different zoning designations have different thresholds for contamination levels and are identified as residential, commercial or industrial. In many cases the presence of chemicals are detectable but below the designated limit for acceptability, therefore many times no remediation is required unless off-site migration is of concern.

Other potential soil and water contamination issues can originate from chemicals such as antifreeze, creosote, engine oils, dry cleaning products, as well as many other sources. In larger concentrations many chemicals can create contamination and there is a need by many to identify and confirm the presence of these elements. We offer a full range of services to sample and analyse soil and water and report the findings to form legal documentation in formats accepted by financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies and legal professionals.

Our services include the following:

  • Water and soil testing and analysis
  • Soil boring and testing
  • Phase I and II assessments and remedial works
  • Above ground oil tank installation
  • Oil tank removal
  • Fuel oil transfers
  • Contaminated soil remediation