Asphalt and Concrete Removal Victoria


Pacific Group Developments Inc. performed asphalt removal, concrete breaking and removal, and brick pavers removal and disposal from a driveway and yard in Victoria, BC. 

We replaced another driveway which included removing asphalt, concrete and brick pavers.  The asphalt and concrete needed to be broken up with an excavator and jackhammer before being loaded into a dump truck for disposal.

This job was unique because an addition was built directly on the driveway with no foundation, making it difficult to break and remove the concrete without jeopardizing the structure.  We ended up cutting very close to the building and installing a dowel system to help bridge the load onto a new footing below the new driveway.  It was also discovered that the water line was not deep enough and had to be replaced prior to pouring and finishing the new concrete driveway.  


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