Sean McCutcheon

Just a word of thanks and appreciation for the great work you and your crew did at our home. It was a pleasure working with you and I can honestly say I have never met or worked with a contractor as fastidious and thoughtful as you were. Our meeting was somewhat by happenstance but proved a fortuitous encounter and I commend and will recommend your high quality work and honest dealings. The job site was challenging and required a methodical approach and attention to detail so as to minimize damage to surrounding landscaping and plant life. Given the depths of the trenching required for new perimeter drains I was delighted to learn of the results both during and after completion. The job was completed without interruption, on budget and the results were better than I had hoped. You and your crew were thoughtful, courteous and ethical throughout. The work was neat and thanks to the great care that was afforded, my landscaping remained intact.

Thanks for the great job Kelsey!