Robert Powell, Victoria BC.

During the first serious rainstorm of the year, I discovered I had a major leak in the basement of the house that I had just purchased less than 3 months previously. Kelsey and his Pacific Group Developments Team were able to start work on my place very quickly, alleviating the water intrusion. He kept me informed every step of the way, explaining the process he was taking to repair my house, and why my house flooded in the first place. The amount of work that I witnessed him and his crew do over the next few weeks was nothing short of amazing. Even on the weekends and during some severe weather, there was someone digging, or waterproofing my foundation or removing wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of heavy clay from my property to install new drain tiles. All his crew would take time out of their very busy day to walk me through what they were doing and why. I was extremely impressed with the quality of service, the quality of the workmanship and the time taken to explain everything to me. Kelsey and his professional crew were able to make a very trying time easier to deal with.

Thank you Kelsey.