Pat Leask, Victoria BC

It is not often I feel compelled to sit down and write a letter of reference for a company, but Pacific Group Developments (Kelsey) has more than earned this. I am not writing this so much as to help them (which I am), but rather to help YOU the home or business owner to know you are choosing a company that will provide an all round quality service with confidence.

I found not only Kelsey but his entire crew to be pleasant, hard working and considerate to the land and the home owner. Kelsey's response to questions/concerns be it verbally or electronically was fast, his price structure of the work done was good with an emphasis on very good value for the money. A couple of times Kelsey made suggestions on how we could do something better, which I agreed, and in hind site I am so very glad I did it was excellent advice. He has a lot of experience, listen to him...

A long story short, I had to have my long driveway widened, there were many aspects to this job from logging, stump removal, trucking and grading to rock breaking and removal. Part of the rock breaking did not go well at all (to no fault of the company), mother nature just did not cooperate at all. There was a point at which I felt that other companies only concerned about the bottom line would have packed up and left, Kelsey and his crew just went at it even harder.

I do not write letters of support often, this one was a pleasure… look no further than Pacific Group Developments for you needs.