Deanne and Garry Girvan

We consider ourselves fortunate that our Realtor suggested Pacific Group Developments as one of the companies which we should contact to remove our buried heating oil tank. Of the 4 companies which we invited to give an estimate for the removal of the tank, Pacific Group Developments quickly emerged as our preferred choice. The job involved some complexities since part of the tank was encased in a concrete staircase below my house foundation. The Pacific Group Developments staff are problem solvers. They devised a plan to dig below our foundation and staircase , then support the concrete holding up our house. Each stage of the removal process and improvised way to support a heavy concrete set of stairs and our house foundation was fascinating to watch during the process of removing the buried oil tank. They were able to communicate effectively to us throughout the project and after removing the oil tank, the site was restored to its original condition. We appreciate the skills in operating the digging equipment and their concern for the plants in the vicinity of the site. Pacific Group Development’s timely and successful intervention resulted in the sale of our house and property. Thank you !