Bob Downie

Pacific Group Developments was contracted to replace my aging, collapsing, concrete driveway.  There were some challenges to this project as it is a steeply sloped concrete driveway of about 1000 square feet, with a couple of interesting grades hat had to be managed for water run-off and to accommodate a Telus basin and water main.  There were also challenges to overcome when we saw the condition of the prep work done for the previous concrete driveway. They gave me a clear estimate and assessment of what was required and noted explicitly what he thought we might run into that would change the initial cost.  As the project unfolded they kept me informed of what they were finding and what they planned to do about it.  They kept us involved appropriately along the way and invited me to monitor their work.   Although we had to wait for the right weather to do the concrete pour and concrete finishing, it was worth it.  The team of concrete finishers were excellent, and we could not be happier with our new concrete driveway.  The concrete driveway has never looked better,all of the grade challenges were addressed, and the job was hassle free. Everything was cleaned, and aside from the new concrete driveway, you would never know they were here. The staff  was excellent to work with. They were patient with my questions and happy to give us whatever information we needed to understand what was going on with the project.  They may not be the biggest contractor in town, but they did a great job and I am happy to recommend them.