Asphalt and Concrete Removal Victoria


Pacific Group Developments Inc. performed asphalt removal, concrete breaking and removal, and brick pavers removal and disposal from a driveway and yard in Victoria, BC. 

We replaced another driveway which included removing asphalt, concrete and brick pavers.  The asphalt and concrete needed to be broken up with an excavator and jackhammer before being loaded into a dump truck for disposal.

Another Concrete Driveway in Victoria.


Pacific Group Developments Inc. provided concrete forming and concrete finishing for a new concrete driveway in Victoria, BC.  We were asked to remove the old concrete driveway and install a new concrete driveway.  Sounds easy enough, but after breaking and removing the old concrete driveway we were asked to do some other things before pouring and finishing the new concrete driveway.  These things include:

-new water meter box instalation

-conduit for new water line

-conduit for irrigation line

-concrete forming around a hydro pull box

The New Duncan Hospital and Buried Oil Tanks


Upon ground breaking for the new Duncan Hospital owned by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), a huge buried oil tank (UST) was discovered.

The construction started with a huge surprise - a 22,000 liter buried oil tank!  Not only homeowners are saddled with this risk of sleeping time bombs. Governments are also struggling with undocumented buried oil tanks and are required to deal with them in the same ways.