Mrs Noreen Butt

After making several attempts by telephone to have a representative call on us for a price to have our furnace oil tank inspected and possibly removed without success, we were fortunate to phone Pacific Group Developments!

We were informed that their man “Kelsey” would be down that day for an inspection of the property and to submit his quote for the job. We agreed to the estimate and he said his equipment would be in our yard within five days, which it was, and excavation began to remove a huge commercial oil tank located in a tricky spot below the cement foundation of a 28’ atrium.

The next day they organized removal of unwanted material, an inspector on site at two different times, and delivery of suitable rock and sand into the empty hole when the tank was removed and taken away. Samples were forwarded to the lab the same day.

9 people worked very quickly and efficiently and all work was completed without a hitch. I would say this was the most efficient operation to watch. The results from the lab came back in about two weeks and I was pleased and relieved that all work was concluded without any problems whatsoever. I would recommend Pacific Group Developments at any time. FROM A HAPPY CUSTOMER.