Celina Saari aka THRILLED customer :)

Pacific Group Developments went above and beyond my expectations. They took on much more responsibility than I ever expected them to and took a lot of the weight and stress off my shoulders. I can't explain how much of a help that was for me through this frustrating, and upsetting process. I bought my house from someone that concealed many defects and were not found during the home inspection. My house turned out to be a disaster every thing from a new concrete foundation, perimeter drains, re framing, new basement suite, tunneling under my house etc and never once did I feel anything but 100% confident that the job would get done, and get done to the highest standard.

Kelsey and his crew take pride in their work, and won't settle for anything less than perfection. I am so happy to have found such a reliable and professional company. I was kept in the loop from start to finish even when the information was way over my head.

Trust is a very important thing when it comes to people working on your home (especially when the budget spins out of control) and I can definitely say that I trusted Kelsey to make the right call in every situation that came up. I will be using Pacific Group Developments again and again, and I will recommend them to everyone I know. I feel  a company like Pacific Group Developments is hard to find, and thank goodness I found them!