Bill Spriggs, Victoria

Well now that the smoke has blown away and the garden is more or less back to normal I feel that I should say to you that I really appreciate the quality of the work that you did for me in removing my old leaky furnace oil tank and all the contaminated soil that was involved.

I must say that I was not expecting such a huge job but when the tank was removed it was immediately apparent that it must have been leaking for many years and that there would be much more to be done than just removing the tank. Fortunately the soil surrounding the tank was clay which helped to confine the contamination. Nevertheless there was a huge amount of contaminated soil to be taken away which amounted to 119 tons and considerable re-mediation had to be done for the very small amount of contaminated soil still in place where the tank had been. In summary I do appreciate the efforts that you made to keep me appraised of the work that was being done and had yet to be done. I also am grateful for your efforts to minimize the disturbance to the nearby ornamental plants, to keep the cost of the job to a minimum and to leave the work place very tidy and as attractive as possible. I certainly would be willing to recommend your company to others who may be faced with the same problem.