Subdivision & Development Services

Pacific Group Developments has extensive construction and machine operation experience  and professional friendly service, we have the capacity and expertise to make your project a success or we can help you subdivide your land. Pacific Group Developments takes lands through the process of rezonings and subdivisions, and has been in land development for over 20 years . We are quick to share knowledge and assist when needed.

Pacific Group Developments offers consulting services for land development and servicing works. Pacific Group Developments also provides the servicing to create new lots such as land clearing, roads and underground utilities.

We operates a broad range of well maintained, late model machinery to enable the successful facilitation of your excavation or development, regardless of size.

Some of the excavation services we provide include:

  • Excavations and site preparations
  • Foundation excavations 
  • Backfilling and clean up 
  • Demolition 
  • Road and parking lot construction
  • Engineered retaining walls 
  • Trenching 
  • Site servicing and underground utilities 
  • Drainage and culverts 
  • Trucking 
  • Environmental remediation 
  • Sewerage water systems 
  • Storm water management systems 
  • Clearing 


With any project, the safety of our clients, employees and the general public is paramount.  We believe in following the highest Occupational Health and Safety standards and accident prevention practices to en-sure your project is completed safety and on time.
 Pacific Group Developments is registered with Worksafe BC, as required under the Workers Compensation Act {RSBC}, and all our worksites are fully insured.
 All our worksites are adequately secured as required by relevant Provincial and Municipal Laws to ensure their safety and security.  Additional security can be arranged through consultation.


Victoria and Vancouver Island has a beautiful but fragile ecology and at Pacific Group Developments we pride our- selves on utilizing the industries best practices to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities.  We have an excellent understanding of current protocols relating to working in sensitive areas such as Riparian Zones, Protected Tree Zones and in and about water course.

Our equipment is new and well maintained, preventing hydraulic leaks and reducing to a minimum the emissions profile of our organization.  Our machinery is equipped with spill kits so we are completely pre-pared in the unlikely event of a leakage or spill.
Our Project Managers review all excavation projects to ensure they have adequate drainage facilities and to control site run-off, protecting downhill rivers and streams.
In addition to these practical measures, Pacific Group Development seeks  to corporate sustainable technologies and utilize ecologically sustainable features wherever possible and practical in all its development Costs and Terms
Pacific Group Developments was founded and operates on the core principles of service, integrity and professionalism.  We pride ourselves in employing these principles in all our dealings.
We offer free estimates on request for all projects regardless of size.
Accounts fall due following the successful completion of project, however we offer a range of negotiable terms and payment plans.

Flexible Payment Options

Development projects are expensive and typically involve large upfront capital outlay.  We understand the value of a well capitalized project and offer different options for payment tailored to assist and strengthen our clients position.
 Pacific Group Developments provides a range of options for payment or service provision arrangements, and actively seeks equity positions in development projects that allow us to offer our clients services now, when you need them, even when traditional financiers may say no.
 If you would like to discuss your payment options or equity position arrangements, please feel free to contact us at 250-889-0007.


Thank-you for choosing us. Let us help you grow.