House Moving & Raising

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Pacific Group Developments has actively participated in house raising and moving for over 20 years in Victoria and Vancouver Island, including Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay and the Gulf Islands. From garden sheds and outbuildings to large homes on the road or on a barge, we do it all. There are many reasons to raise or move houses or buildings such as gaining height to redevelop basements or construct and improve foundations.

There are also many reasons to raise and move houses or buildings some of which are to make room for redevelopment, recycle a house or building with remaining economic life especially houses or buildings with character and form worth saving from demolition. Yet another season is driven by budget and value, purchasing a recycled home or building is a great way to save money. We would be happy to discuss your next house moving or raising project to show you how we can help. We provide services for Vancouver  Island, Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Courtenay and the Gulf Islands.

House Raising Victoria BC Here is a secondary building also being raised and moved over 1 foot on the same property and up on blocks ready for support and a new foundation.
House Moving Victoria BC This picture is of the same building from a different angle to show what is involved in house moving and raising. This building is carefully balanced ready to add temporary supports.
Duncan House Moving This Picture shows the house which was raised to allow construction of a new foundation and the raising of the smaller second building also to allow for construction of a new foundation.
Concrete Foundation Construction Victoria BC This picture shows the forms for the new foundation below the raised house. This was needed because the old foundation was failing raising the house was the only way to replace the concrete foundation.
Digging Out A Basement In Victoria BC This image shows us digging out for a basement in a home where the owners have chose to dig out for a basement and go lower instead of raising the house for more living space.
Excavating For Basement Victoria BC This is a picture of the same basement excavation as above showing what the inside looks like while in progress.

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