Soil Testing & Remediation

Pacific Group Developments  provides all services related to oil storage and issues which may arise. Some of these are related to oil escape or suspected oil escape. Many of our clients are concerned about liabilty issues with regards to leaking oil tanks.In many cases insurance companies have exclusions in their policies leaving the land owner with sole responsibility. Due to this, many real estate transactions and land developments  raise the issue and require surety to proceed.

Our services include the following:

  • Water and soil analysis. 
  • Soil borings and testing. 
  • Phase I and II assessments.
  • Above oil tank installation.
  • Used oil tank removal.
  • Fuel oil transfers.
  • Contaminated soil remediation.















Leaking buried oil tank duncan BC Here is an example of a buried oil tank being removed and found to be leaking. We cut a hole in the top and removed the contents which were a water / oil mix.
Contents from a buried oil tank This picture shows the water / oil contents from the buried oil tank which must be stored, transported and disposed of in accordance to provincial regulations.
A leaking buried oil tank being removed After the contents were removed the buried oil tank was removed and examined for the tank report.
Leaking oil tank hole This picture shows one of many holes where the oil tank had been leaking which contaminated the soil.
Buried oil tank leaked and contaminated soil This picture shows the hole left from the buried oil tank after it had been removed. There were obvious signs of soil contamination which were detected by smell and sight, however, soil testing was still performed to verify. The results came back with higher levels than deemed acceptable and this site needed to be remediated.
Excavating oil contaminated soil Here we are excavating oil contaminated soil from the leaking buried oil tank. This is being done by hand to ensure only the dirty soil is removed because of the site influences and the expensive cost of disposal. This way wound up costing substantially less than having done it with heavy equipment.
Remediating oil contaminated soil This picture shows the surrounding area to give an idea about what to expect during a oil contaminated soil clean up or remediation.
Removing oil contaminated soil Here we are separating the different levels of oil contaminated soils. Some soil is being placed in barrels while other soil is being placed into containment bins.
Final testing for oil contaminated soil from a buried oil tank This picture shows the completed excavation and test results came back great. The oil contaminated soils are removed and ready for back filling with clean soil.
Picture of finished oil contaminated soil remediation This picture shows the completed oil contaminated soil remediation job with the back filling and grading completed. We work hard to lessen the impact of our works and take pride in the way we leave our job.
Commercial oil tank removal Victoria BC Here is a picture of a buried commercial oil tank which was happened upon during an excavation for a new condo development in downtown Victoria BC. We are cutting off the top of the tank to expose the contents as it looked as though it had been decommissioned in the past.
Commercial oil tank had leaked and been incorrectly rendered inert. In this picture the top is cut off. Apparently someone had partially filled this tank with dirt and ashes but had not cleaned out the oil properly first which has leaked out of the tank and into the soil.
Cleaning out contaminated soil from a commercial oil tank. Here we are cleaning out the contaminated soil from an improperly decommissioned tank before we remove it from the hole to prevent further contamination.
Conducting an oil tank inspection for the report. Here we are inspecting the tank looking for holes or breaches to include in our report records. The inspector was present, witnessed the extraction and observed the soil contamination. Now soil testing must be under taken and contaminated soils removed.
A breach in a commercial buried oil tank resulting in contaminated soil This picture shows just one hole where the oil leaked out, contaminating the surrounding soil.This most likely could have been avoided if the had rendered the tank inert correctly years ago.
The commercial oil tank being removed from site The tank has been cleaned and properly decommissioned. It is now ready for transport and proper disposal.
This shows the hole after the tank was removed. This picture shows the hole left behind after the buried oil tank had been removed. Some water/ oil mix was in the hole which had to be pumped out and disposed of at an approved facility before the soil could be removed.
Following contamination seams and field testing for extractable hydrocarbons. Here we are excavating the side wall by hand to determine the depth of contamination and instruct the excavator operator how much more to remove with the excavator. soil samples are also being tested with field equipment. Here we were looking for extractable hydrocarbons.
Chasing down the rest of the oil soaked soil. This is a great picture showing how to efficiently chase down only contaminated soils and leaving the clean soils. These methods reduce the amount of soil leaving the site from over excavation and saves our clients thousands of dollars.
Hoarding the contamination on a concrete pad. This picture shows all the contaminated soil removed from the ground and contained on a concrete pad ready to be trucked out to a regulated facility. The facility then must remediate the soil until it passes all tests for safety.
Buried oil tank rendered inert, contaminated soil Victoria BC This oil tank had been rendered inert by another company. It was cut open and filled with sand. It was not cleaned out properly first and as a result the sand was contaminated inside the tank and when the tank was removed it was determined the tank was rusted out and leaking. We had to remove the tank, the sand from inside and the contaminated soil outside of the tank because it had been incorrectly decommissioned by another company.
Contaminated soil in buried oil tank This picture shows the contaminated sand inside the buried oil tank after the water was removed.
Home heating oil tank leak clean up remediation Nanaimo BC. This picture shows us cleaning up an above ground home heating oil tank leak in Nanaimo BC. The soil was remediated and a portion of the clay drain tiles had to be replaced. The tank developed a sudden leak and was discovered quickly
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation
Soil Testing & Remediation

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