Rock and Concrete Breaking and Removal

We offer a variety of ways to remove rock including Breaking the rock, jack hammering the rock with air jack hammers or an excavator mounted hydraulic hammer, drilling the rock, using expansion composites to break the rock and blasting the rock with caps and water. We remove rock with out blasting with dynamite. Our rock removal services are specialized for hard to access areas including basements and beside or under foundations in Victoria BC. Many times we are called in to excavate rock from basements or drainage passages. Call us for a free consult.

Concrete Breaking Victoria BC We offer a full range of both Rock and Concrete breaking and removal in Victoria and Duncan BC
Cutting steel reinforced concrete slab This picture shows us cutting through a steel reinforced concrete driveway at a hotel in Victoria BC. We had to cut through the driveway to replace a water line and then pour new concrete.
Breaking up a concrete driveway in Victoria BC. This picture shows us Cutting concrete with a diamond saw and breaking up the concrete driveway with a heavy duty jack hammer. After we removed the concrete, we doweled the slab and re poured new concrete.
Concrete removal with an excavator in Victoria BC Here we are using our excavator to remove a concrete driveway which makes the job very quick and efficient for both removal and loading the dump truck.
Diamond saw cut to remove concrete in Victoria BC, Here we used a diamond saw to cut the concrete out under a sun deck in preparation for new perimeter drains. New concrete was poured after the drains went in and the clean edge made a nice job for finishing the concrete.

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