Excavation Services

At Pacific Group Developments we recognize that anyone can excavate a hole.  We also recognize that when you look for an excavating contractor, you want a professional, friendly expert to listen, advise and deliver… on time.

That's why when you employ Pacific Group Developments, whether it’s removing a tree stump, or for a 10 lot development, we pride ourselves on ensuring you don’t just get the job done, but you get it done right.

From our initial estimate, to the final site clean-up, we believe in providing you with a friendly, professional service, backed up with the expertise of over 20 years experience in the property development and excavation industry.

With extensive construction and machine operation experience and professional friendly service, we have the capacity and expertise to make your project a success.

Some services we provide include:

  • Excavations and site preparation
  • Foundation excavations
  • Backfilling and clean up
  • Road and parking lot construction
  • Environmental remediation
  • Engineered retaining walls
  • Sewage works
  • Demolition
  • Trucking
  • Drainage and culverts
  • Underground utilities
  • Rock breaking and removal

Pacific Group Developments operates a broad range of well maintained late model excavation machinery to enable the successful facilitation of your excavation or development, regardless of the size of your project..


Victoria and Vancouver Island has a beautiful but fragile ecology and at Pacific Group Developments we pride ourselves on utilizing the industries best practices to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities.  We have an excellent understanding of current protocols relating to working in sensitive areas such as Riparian Zones, Protected Tree Zones and in and about water course.

Our equipment is recent and well maintained, preventing hydraulic leaks and reducing to a minimum the emissions profile of our organization.  

Our Project Manager reviews all excavation projects to ensure they have adequate drainage facilities and to control site run-off, protecting downhill rivers and streams.

In addition to these practical measures, Pacific Group Developments seeks  to incorporate sustainable technologies and utilize ecologically sustainable features wherever possible and practical in all its development projects.

Backhoe Victoria BC Backhoe services with 4 in 1 and extendahoe.
Mini Excavator Victoria BC Mid sized and Mini Excavators for smaller jobs.
Dump Truck Victoria BC Trucking services including Dump Truck, Pups , Single axle and Mini Dump Trucks.
Excavator Victoria BC Hitachi Excavator
Bobcat / Skid Steer Victoria BC Bobcat / Skid Steer services
Mid sized Excavator Victoria BC Training the next generation of excavation experts - Kai
Rock removal and blasting in Victoria BC. Basement rock removal. We offer alternative ways of rock removal including rock breaking, jack hammering the rock, drilling the rock, using expansion composites to break the rock and blasting the rock with caps and water. Our rock removal services are specialized for hard to access areas including basements and beside or under foundations in Victoria BC.

Thank-you for choosing us. Let us help you grow.